AOKEROLA GROUP is a leading fine ceramic manufacturer established in 1990. Holding five national enterprises and two oversea companies, AOKEROLA GROUP specializes in developing fine ceramics science & technology, production and trading. The main products are High quality High Temperature Ceramic Roller, Alumina Grinding ball, Wear-resistant Lining Brick and Special Industrial Ceramics.


    Combined the silicon carbide and alumina, the OK909 roller has excellent performance in......

  • OK909-WB

    OK909WB roller is the best partner of cooling zone for wide kiln to produce big tiles.

  • OK969 ROLLER

    The OK969 serie roller is cost-effective, with the maximum service temperature up to 1120°C

  • OK979 ROLLER

    With the improvement formula, the OK979 serie roller can efficiently solve the problem of breakage due to the frequent replacement of rollers,

  • OK989 ROLLER

    Thanks to advanced production technology and high quality imported raw materials, the OK989 serie roller has high density

  • OK999 ROLLER

    OK999 serie is the Top-Quality roller developed by AOKEROLA. It has excellent property of high temperature resistant

  • OK808 ROLLER

    The OK808 roller has excellent performance in critical thermal shock resistance, with working temperature up to 1300°C degree, it is specially used

  • OK818 ROLLER

    To solve the problem of direction deviation while ceramic tile moving in the super wide & long roller kiln.To correct the moving speed

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